Monday, June 22, 2009

Hi Everyone
I am ‘Blog Monitor’ for the remainder of this month and thought I would share with you some of my recent dilemma around ICT hardware.
We have been quite pleased with our progress here at LCS (albeit slower that we planned) regarding updating our server and school ICT hardware. The timing of the ICT contract was very good for us and we can easily see the benefits for teachers and students at our school.
The difficulty for people (and leaders) like myself is that I appreciate ICT for making my life easier etc but my passion does not go so far as tinkering with the latest gadget or idea for fun. Hence I can easily get left behind with what is new, how it works, its purpose and tangible use and have trouble deciding what we should be aiming to purchase next with the always limited budget. It is so important to make the right decisions for everyone concerned. Of course I ask for plenty of advice from far more learned souls but that does not always help with decision-making in ICT. It seems to me that no sooner have we made a decision to go with a product that it is updated or another product that does a similar job is considered the better option!
On discussing this with my Board Chairperson recently he gave me some excellent advice. He said that ICT was an area to follow in rather than lead as then you can let others make the mistakes (this from a man who is in the gadget know-all category!) Well I am going with that idea (at the moment!) and at a recent staff meeting we discussed the ‘ICT wish list’ and ideas for using the Community Trust funding. Along with a visit from Disa that was helpful I feel that we will be able to keep moving forward and provide more new and exciting ways of learning for our students.

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  1. Hi Fiona
    we have been having a lot of discussions about the things that we could purchase with the OCT money. We have gone with a small selection of tools and technology - you are welcome to come and see what we have and how we are usubg it if you would like.
    Next term we will have most things in place.