Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What reserach says about Classroom Walk-Throughs

An interesting article from Jane L. David about classroom walk-throughs (otherwise known as a learning walk or quick visit) and the link these can have to school appraisal systems and as a tool to inform improvement efforts within a school.
The article discusses the reality of these walk-throughs and gives some background to what research says about the usefulness of incorporating a walk-through into your school culture and programmes. It touches on the pitfalls and success of walk-throughs and in terms of our schools current practice is a good starting point for discussion and planning on how we can use this to support our appraisals and ICT action reserach projects this year.

Article available for reader here:

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  1. neat article Verity - thanks
    Do you subscribe to ASCD? I have let mine lapse ...hmmmm.